Designing human-centric AI Experiences

Applied UX Design for Artificial Intelligence

by Akshay Kore

You will learn

  • How to spot opportunities for applying AI in your organization.
  • Advantages and limitations of using AI to solve problems. 
  • Best practices in UX design to build human-centric and ethical AI products.
  • How to collaborate and communicate effectively with AI/ML tech teams.

Who should read this book

You should read this book if you are a designer, technologist, researcher, manager, or a founder working with or interested in building human-centered AI products. No prior experience of AI is required to read this book. This book can help you identify opportunities for using Artificial Intelligence to solve problems and create desirable AI products. The contents of this book are also relevant for developers interested in building intuitive interfaces for AI-based solutions.

About the book

User experience (UX) design practices are evolving as more and more software products incorporate machine learning (ML) components and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms at their core.

AI brings a fundamental shift to how we design products. Instead of programming a system to do a specific action, AI teams are responsible for curating outcomes based on algorithms and large amounts of data. AI systems are dynamic, they change over time, and their user experience needs to adapt to this change. The complexity of these systems requires deeper collaborations with various disciplines.

The dynamic nature of AI systems calls for a shift in how we think about designing intelligent products and how we work, communicate and collaborate within teams.  ‍

‘Designing Human-Centric AI Experiences’ will explore this problem and address the challenges and opportunities in UX design for AI/ML systems. We look at best practices for designers, managers, and product creators and describe how individuals from non-technical backgrounds can collaborate effectively with AI and Machine learning teams.

Akshay Kore

Akshay Kore is a product designer and has led the design of AI products at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and high-growth startups like Cleartax, Moveworks, and Observe.AI.
He studied Interaction design at IIT Bombay and has written articles for various publications like Hackernoon, The Startup, UX Planet, UX collective, etc., on user experience design, artificial intelligence, and voice interfaces. He frequently talks about designing AI products at conferences, design schools, organizations, and podcasts. Currently, he lives in Bangalore with his wife and two cats.

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