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Microsoft Search – Acronyms

Design of an AI based acronym search experience for enterprises

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Voice and UI design for Microsoft's AI assistant


Edge Learning Tools

Accessibility and learning tools on Microsoft's Edge browser

IIT Bombay

Mumbai Data

An Interactive Open Data Visualization tool for Mumbai City

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Smart Devices

Prototypes and proof of concepts for voice enabled devices

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AR Experiments

Integration of intelligence with augmented reality

IIT Bombay + Microsoft Research


A smarter context based phonebook for Mobile Devices

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AR for Search

Integration of augmented reality in search experiences

CSMVS Museum


A Holographic Interface for Museum exhibits.

CSMVS Museum


A Kinect based gesture controlled data explorer and visualization for Museum artifacts

IIT Bombay

VR Kolkata

An immersive virtual reality exploration of the city of Kolkata

IIT Bombay


An Interactive Visualization of Chai (Tea) Shops in IIT Bombay


Life Calendar

A lifetime visualized in weeks