Parametric Furniture Design and Fabrication for Urban Homes

Collaborators : Amit Nambiar
Role : Co-founder

O-LAP was a startup venture in operation between 2013-2015 with focus on design, research and fabrication of parametric products. Parametric design is the design of a product based on computation of different parameters associated with the product. A number of methods in design of products as well as design of spaces in urban homes were explored. The design was done mainly keeping in mind a person living in a metropolitan city. The venture won a number of recognitions and awards.

O-LAP featured at TEDx Gateway

Parametric Design

The concept was based on the idea of mass manufacturing and mass customization. If a product (in this case a furniture product) had to be truly customized, it had to take into consideration the exact user that was going to use it. For the same we created a system that took in parameters of the user like age, inclination and weight. The system then converted these values into a design of a furniture product with its fabrication parts made for the exact user; i.e. mass customization. These parts would later be assembled by the user himself

Click this link for a detailed description of the process

Scaled model of a house made using a Parametric Design process. Showcased at TEDx Gateway


The design is then fabricated using CNC machines with wood, MDF or a polycarbonate material.


Few of the projects and installations undertaken by O-LAP

Furniture for Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

Stage for TEDx EMWS

Installation at Godrej Vikhroli Skin

Made with Cardboard

Scaled Models of furniture at the Makerfest Ahmedabad


Awards and Recognition

Verve Magazine (Online + Print)- “‘Make’-ing A Better India “
Volzero (Online)- “From humble beginnings and endless research”
Icreate SparkUp Idea Fund (Research Grant)
First Prize (Competition)- E-Cell IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
TEDx Gateway Featured Startup


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