Lookup Mumbai

An immersive full dome installation at the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai, formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum.

Research internship with Ar. Preeti Sanghi (JSW Foundation) and Dr. Sarah Kenderdine

The exhibit titled ‘Lookup’ showcased images of interesting domes in Mumbai city through a large full dome display system. Visitors could lie under the exhibit to experience the projected images. The opportunity was especially exciting since I got to work hands on with a complex projection mapping system.
The internship involved research and fieldwork for a fulldome new media installation at the CSMVS Museum. I was responsible for the design and fabrication of certain parts of the installation along with the background research of buildings, photography permissions for a number of buildings in Mumbai that were to be documented. 360 Degree images of buildings in Mumbai with noteworthy ceilings were taken and projected on a fulldome to create an immersive experience.

Timelapse of the installation setup


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