Project report

VR Kolkata

An immersive virtual reality exploration of the city of Kolkata

Guide : Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Collaborator : Jayati Bandyopadhyay

The project is an immersive visualization of the street sounds of Kolkata through the medium of Virtual Reality. The project started out as a visualization of street sounds. We selected the city of Kolkata since my colleague, Jayati having lived there was familiar with the city and pointed out interesting places that we could document and capture data for. We ended up documenting sounds as well as visuals in the form of 360 degree images of different parts of the city. These were later used as images for a Virtual Reality application “VR Kolkata”. The sounds of the city were mixed into a track as the background score for the immersive experience.

First Prototype Experiments

Google Cardboard SDK with UNITY.

First Prototype Reactions

Project Report

Link to the project report


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