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IIT Bombay Placements

A service design project on the IIT Bombay placements process

Project Guides : Pramod Khambete, Jeev Anand, Shashank Deshpande
Collaborators : Jayati Bandyopadhyay, Naveen Rawat

Placements at IIT Bombay are a thing of the news. However very few people know that the placements are almost entirely organized and managed by a small team of students. This team has to face a gargantuan task of finding jobs for about 1500 students with varying level of expertise while at the same time initiating conversation with companies and providing for their needs. Matching companies to students. This process is run with a very precise protocol which is also created by this small team.
Being a part of the placement team, Jayati and me decided as a part of one of the classroom exercises to visualize and find out the pain points in the placement service. We set out to do a Service Design of the existing process keeping in mind all the stakeholders involved i.e. the students, companies, placement executives, the institute, etc.

Existing Process – Service Blueprint

The existing process is a complex web of interactions between the placement managers, department placement coordinators, company coordinators, executive officer of the placement, students and company executives. The team visualized the existing process in the form of a service blueprint and picked the major pain points in the process.

Pain Points and their solutions

Proposed Solution – Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint

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