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Laika’s Ark

A post apocalyptic space themed puzzle game

Lenovo National Game Design Challenge - Third Prize
Collaborators : Jayati Bandyopadhyay, Vasundhara Agarwal, Dileep Mohanan, Prasad Ghone

Laika’s Ark is a game based on the analogy of the Noah’s Ark. Laika, the first dog sent to space turns into an unexpected saviour of a group of animals from earth who are being taken to Planet Kepler. The team designed the gameplay, characters, story and the interface for the game along with the prototype.

How to play

The player has to solve a series of puzzles to rescue each animal. Each rescued animal has powers of its own and the player has to use these animals’ powers in the subsequent levels.

Style Sheet

All artwork and UI elements are original and created for the Laika’s Ark Game.

The team initially decided to go with a font style that resembled The Star Wars font style. However, the game’s message would be lost upon using the latter. The team unanimously decided to go ahead with a font style that evoked fun and playfulness. Colors have been selected as per the theme of the game.

The button styles are divided into two types; a Primary Call to Action and a Secondary Call to Action
The primary buttons are deliberately highlighted by means of a rounded rectangle around the element text. Secondary buttons are devoid of highlighting.

Character Design

All Character artworks are originals created by the team for the game. All animal characters have been inspired by children’s games.


Lenovo National Game Design Challenge – Third Prize

Download the Project – Windows Only

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