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A lifetime visualized in weeks

In our minds, a lifetime is long and winding, yet we are only a tiny speck in the continuum of time.

These words are easy to say, but it’s a different story altogether when we can see what has been said. To accomplish anything of value is a series of trials, tribulations, misunderstandings, stepping stones, hurdles, and failure. Lots of failure. Most of all, you need time, a resource we don’t have too much of. What we need then, is to know how much time we really have.

I have my own ways of dividing time. A year, in my opinion, is not the best time scale. 365 is a weird number…I prefer rounded numbers, and try to divide time in the terms of a 1000 days. I believe 1000 days is enough to be great at anything. Remember the 10,000 hour rule? That’s 10 hours a day. A day, too, is not enough, because you can only achieve so much in one day. A week, on the other hand, offers promise, flexibility, and hope. If I miss something today, I have the rest of the week to cover up before feeling like shit about myself. Doing anything great needs a plan with milestones towards the end goal. Want to write a book? Focus on writing one page a day, and if you can’t, you can write 5 pages over the weekend. The millennial in me needs this sort of flexibility, so a week is a great measure of time for achieving small milestones.
This project is an attempt to visualise a lifetime in weeks. Get a sense of how much time you have left to do things you’ve always wanted. I’d suggest you take a screenshot, print it out and put it up on your desk.

Maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was built in weeks.

Heavily inspired by Tim Urban’s blog 

See it in action

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