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An Interactive Visualization of Chai (Tea) Shops in IIT Bombay
IIT Tea is a simple web application created over a weekend that visualizes Tea shops in IIT Bombay along with their opening and closing timings. The shops are visualized as circular icons on a map interface with reference to their geolocations. Each icon is clickable and shows the open and close timings. At the bottom is a timeline slider which shows open shops during different times of the day. The transparent circle indicates a 2 minute walking distance radius.

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Data Visualization, Dataviz, User Interface, User Experience, User Studies, Affinity Mapping, Maps, Mapbox, Information Design, Interaction Design, Web Application, Wireframe, Prototype, Mumbai, Data, IITB, Bombay, Indian Institute of Technology, Chai, Tea, Late Night, Mess, Hostel, Canteen

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